Using Vacuum Food Sealers

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The general operation of vacuum food sealers begins by plugging the vacuum food sealers into the wall and determining what types of items are being sealed.  If the item is wet, such as uncooked meats, select the wet button, if the item is dry, such as cheese or bread, select the dry button.  Do not use vacuum food sealers for liquids unless they have been pre frozen, it will not seal.  Do not use on dry items such as crackers as they will be crushed.  Next on the vacuum food sealers, select the fast or slow option.  If the item is wet the fast option should be used..

Next, place the items to be sealed in the vacuum food sealers bag.  Make sure to leave a couple of inches of unused bag to seal properly.

Open the lid of the vacuum food sealers and place the unsealed end of the bag into the vacuum food sealers.

Close the lid of the vacuum food sealers and press the vacuum and seal button.

Open the lid of the vacuum food sealers and remove the food saver bag.  Store the sealed food in the freezer, fridge or pantry as is appropriate forwhat was vacuum sealed.

Don’t stop with using vacuum food sealers just for food though.  Vacuum food sealers are great for sealing clothes for a trip.  This will prevent wrinkles and damages from any spills that may occur.  Or use vacuum food sealers to seal up puzzlepieces or small games This will keep everything together in a neat organized fashion.

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