Survive the Recession – Advice on earning money, gas & staying healthy

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  1. Decide what is most important to you & your family.

    Have a family meeting about your current situation. Discuss the financial issues that are most important to your family, determine what you can and cannot afford, what is and is not a necessity.
    Next, make a 3 column list of your “wants”, “needs”, and “can live without”. After making this list brainstorm about what every member of the family can do to pitch in and stay with in the family budget.

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    Keep your job, if you think it is in jepardy…start looking for another one!

    Try not to waste time stressing over your job being in jeopardy, it is easier said than done, but if this is your situation, continue working and seek employment/send out resumes online in your spare time.
    Take everything into consideration, it may be hard to take a job that you are significantly over qualified for, but any income is better than no income.

    *Tip* Anybody who has been fired or laid off, should be filing for unemployment benefits. They are very overwhelmed with the number of unemployed people, but you have to stay on top of it and try not to get discouraged and give up. If they deny you–file an appeal! They also give you back pay!

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    Make money on the side!

    Don’t be afraid to get a second job, sell things on-line or donate plasma to earn extra money. Check out my article on “how to make extra money quickly”. It will give you lots of new ideas, also if you have teenagers that can cut grass or get a job/summer job to pitch in, let them do so.

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    Maintain your health.

    Be proactive about being and staying health. Many people are at risk of losing health insurance benefits, if they have not already. By eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising, relieving stress, and getting a good nights sleep you can reduce or eliminate the need for doctor visits.

    *tip* Free or discounted dental and health care may be available in your city/state, you just have to find it. Try searching for your local department of health and hospitals or ask around, also try searching for income based health care clinics. 

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    Get rid of gas guzzlers & car pool.

    Trade in or sell gas guzzlers, only if this is a realistic option for you. Don’t be afraid to car pool, talk to your family, friends and neighbors that live near you; take turns driving the kids to school, driving to work, the grocery store and anywhere else that you travel to regularly.

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    Eliminate unnecessary luxuries

    Determine what luxuries you can and cannot live with out such as internet, cable, cell phones, beauty products, gym memberships, expensive cars etc. Eliminate the ones you come up with and put the money toward a necessity.


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