5 Winter Vacations in South America

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Punta del Este, Uruguay- A perfect getaway spot for those who seek to escape the cold winters of the Northern Hemisphere. Punta del Este is slightly to the north east of Montevideo on the southern tip of Uruguay. During it’s peak in the early months of the year Punta del Este attracts many tourists looking for a perfect beach whether they just want to unwind or have a good time around some of South America’s most beautiful people. With great shopping, casinos, and an active nightlife Punta del Este is a popular choice for so many reasons and why people say it’s the Monaco of South America.

Mar del Plata, Argentina- This stunning beachside city offers visitors a plethora of activities in and out of the water. If you are so inclined during your stay you can spend days out around the coast fishing, riding jet skis, sailing and catch a wave or two on the board of your choice. As with Punta del Este, this city also offers great nightlife and shopping experiences. Exploring the city can be a day in itself with visits to local museums including the Museum of the Sea and taking a look at the beautiful Victorian architecture featured on some of Mar del Plata’s oldest homes.

Florianopolis, Brazil- What better way to spend your winter vacation than in this gorgeous city in Brazil? Half of Florianopolis sits on the mainland while the other side is part of Santa Catarina Island. With many beaches and lagoons such as Praia Brava, Barre de Lagoa, and Campeche there will surely be somewhere for you to relax away your troubles. Florianopolis offers many opportunities to windsurf, sunbathe, golf, or even go parasailing over the Southern Atlantic. It is quickly becomes a haven for people wanting to buy real estate in Brazil and it’s not hard to figure out why.

Santa Marta, Columbia- The oldest city in Columbia, Santa Marta not only features spectacular beaches but a rich historical and cultural experience. Yes, we know there will be awesome beaches and activities such as snorkeling but this Colombian getaway also has a nearby national park, Tayrona. Tayrona National Park is marked with ruins of the Tayrona Indians as well as having natural beauty. Shopping, historical sites, and the home of Simon Bolivar, Santa Marta is one of the many jewels of Columbia.

Fortaleza, Brazil- In the Brazilian state of Ceara, is the city of Fortaleza a very popular tourist destination.  You can go deep sea fishing, dance to Forro music, or visit a local water park all in this one city. Be wary of street vendors and the kids that beg for money here, as always use your best judgment and watch your belongings. Any problems with the city will soon be forgotten while lying on the beach and taking in the rich culture which is why Fortaleza belongs on this list.


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