10 Usefull Websites

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Check out these websites which I found are useful to most internet users:



You can find all your favorite search engines and reference websites in a single page here. You can find five rows, the first row is meant for search engines, the second one for reference sites, the third one for People Search like Social networking and White pages, the fourth one for shopping and the last one for new and innovative websites.



ADrive.com offers 50GB Storage and Backup for free. Store, access backup, share and edit your data from anywhere at any time.



Make digital copies of your documents, forms, books, receipts etc. using scanR. Just click it with your mobile phone camera and upload it to scanR, which will be converted to a PDF, text or vCard that can be faxed wherever you want.



Read your favorite books for free at www.DailyLit.com. There is no need of registration for reading a book, but if you want to participate in forums you need to register. Or you can login via Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Simply browse the book and choose the number of days you want to read it as installments. Then the book is delivered to your email one section at a time for free. Except some copyrighted books most of the new books and best sellers are free here.



You can send fax for free to anywhere in U.S. and Canada even though you have no fax machine by Faxzero.com. You can send a maximum of 2 faxes per day and 3 pages per fax, either by typing the text in the box shown there or by uploading a DOC or PDF file from your system.



Listen to your favorite and hit songs without ads here. Registration is not necessary for listening to songs, but to listen to your favorite songs or artists you need to register, which is free.



Do you want to know what is popular today? Simply go to Popurls.com. Find a number of popular links or urls on many popular websites like Twitter, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Reddit etc all in a single page.



Check out whether the websites you want to browse are free from malware, virus, Trojans, worms, spyware etc by entering in the box shown here. If the entered website is safe you will get safe with green color. You will be warned if there are any viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware etc in that website so that you can avoid opening it.



All of us must have received at least one mail asking us to forward them to gain something, even if our spam guard is on. If you want to check the reliability of the mail whether it is fake or not, go to Iconix.com and check it.



Find the best and high quality photoshop editorials at Photoshoplady.com. It is updated daily. You can add your favorite tutorials to revisit them at any time. Share your knowledge by submitting the tutorials here.


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