How to lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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Most individuals with high blood pressure diagnosed as hypertension have arrived at this very unhealthy condition because of stress and other daily occurrences. While there is a genetic component to hypertension some control can be had over the disease by being able to relieve stress on a day to day and situational basis.

The fist step in relieving the stress is identifying when and where during the day you have the most stress. Sometimes it may be necessary to compose a chart. For example you could divide a chart into three or more categories. One category could be stress at home. Another category could be stress at work. You could also do a third category called “stress in my marriage”. The actual categories are very subjective to the individual. Once you have your categories you will need to begin rating on a scale, 1-10 scale is usually the easiest. At the same time each day rate from 1-10 in each category you have set up how stressed you feel. Your scale should state one as not very stressed and ten as the ultimate stress you can imagine. Once you have done this charting for a week you can compare which places and even which days you have the most stress on. If your chart lists 7’s everyday at work and 2’s at home then you know most of your stress is felt at work.

Step 2

The next step after identifying the stressful location you will next need to find a quiet place where you can sit for at least five minutes. Some examples may be your office (with door closed), bathroom stall, car, or even a park bench.

Step 3

What you will need to do next is close your eyes and take a deep breath. You should count to three or four as you inhale and hold the breath for about three to five seconds. Then you need to exhale through pursed lips slowly. The time of your exhale and inhale should be about the same length of time. You should repeat this process for three to five minutes as needed throughout the day or week. This process helps to lower your blood pressure because it slows you down and gives your body a chance to get some well deserved oxygen. If you practice this technique when you don’t feel stressed then when you are feeling stressed you will be able to turn to it as needed. Practice this breathing and you will be well on your way to having lower blood pressure and being less physically taxed by stress.


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