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Get paid to upload files

You can upload files to sites like mediafire, rapidshare or even zshare, but wouldn’t it better to get paid for it? Most get-paid-to-upload-files sites will give you from 0.001$ to 0.005$ per download! Well you will think that it’s not a large amount of money but Imagine sharing a very interesting file and get tons of downloads? Think about it! You can create a funny pps file and share it with your friends! If you friends like it they will send it to their friends, etc… So your file will be downloaded many times and you will earn a good sum of money!

Some sites that you can earn $ for uploading files:

Get paid to write articles

This is the best possible way to earn a good sum of money on the net. Writing articles. Well it sounds easy, but it needs hard work to earn a few bucks. You will need to be creative, write about interesting things and promote your articles to be successful in that kind of get-paid-to.

Some sites to start earning money by writing articles:


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