How to Get Coins Fast in Farmville

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Start by creating your Farmville character. You can do this by adding the application to your Facebook profile through the applications page. Once you have created your Farmville character, you can start adding things to your farm. You can gain coins in Farmville in many different ways but some work out better than others.

Harvesting for coins – You will want to harvest rasberries in Farmville to get coins fast because they only take 2 hours to harvest. This means that you will be able to harvest more each day if you use rasberries. The only downfall to this is that they do not give you any experience so you will need to balance out your farm so that you can still level up your character on Farmville. Plant rasberries on most of your farm and any other plant to gain experience on the rest of your farm.

Helping friends for coins – Helping your friends on Farmville is a wonderful way to earn coins fast on Farmville. You can help each of your Farmville friends once every day so make sure that you do this because you will gain free coins and experience. Add as many people as possible on Farmville so that you can help more people each day and gain more coins in Farmville.

Celebrating with Friends – If you scroll through your main Facebook page, you will see that other people who play Farmville will post things that will allow you to celebrate with them for earning ribbons on Farmville. Click Celebrate and you will gain a large amount of coins for celebrating with your friends.

Earning Ribbons for Coins – Earning ribbons on Farmville will give you tons of coins. This is one of the best ways to earn coins fast on Farmville. Go to the Ribbons page to see what you need to do to earn each one. As you earn more ribbons, you will earn tons of coins.

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