How to Turn Off Iphone Voice Dialing

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For this reason you are able to turn off the voice dialing commands on the iphone. By default the ipod application is always on but for security you can prevent the voice dialing feature when the iphone is locked. To turn on or off iphone voice dialing follow the simple steps listed below.Things You’ll Need:

  • Iphone


Step 1

First you will need to click on the settings icon on the iphone home page.

Step 2

This will take you to the iphone settings. From here you will need to select general to take you to the general features of the iphone. This will be on the bottom two thirds of your settings page.

Step 3

In the general features page you will need to select passcode lock and then turn the voice dial feature to off. This button will be located on the bottom of your page. As a quick reference it will either say off if the feature is currently turned off or on if it is turned on. To change the current setting simply press it.

Step 4

here you will be prompted to set your passcode, a four digit number. After you enter it the first time it will ask you to reconfirm the code again. Now you will need to unlock the iphone each time prior to using the voice dial feature.

Step 5

To turn this feature back on simply go into the passcode lock section of your iphone and select to turn the voice dial feature on.


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