My Wishes for Bukisa

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Bukisa has the potential of being a great writing site for all of us online writers. I really want to well on this site and see this site do well too. That being the case here are a few of my wishes for Bukisa.

I wish the site was easier to navigate.

At first glance Bukisa looks as though it would be quite easy to navigate but it isn’t at least not for me. Many times I have tried to look up other writers to add as friends on my friends list only to get a message that they can’t be found.

This is frustrating because I enjoy reading other writers work almost as much as I enjoy writing. So being able to find other writers who work I admire is important to me.

I wish I could figure out how to upload pictures from my own files.

While I have no trouble doing this on most of the other websites I write for, this procedure seems beyond me on this particular site. Either they want a link to a website or I can’t find a place to add a picture at all.

I wish they would post comments to my articles before notifying that I have a comment.

I keep getting notices that I have a new comment on articles but when I go to the article, it says there are no comments yet. Occasionally if I go to the comment page, the comment will be there but most of the time it does not appear until hours later.

I wish that my content got published faster.

Sometimes I have to wait days for my content to get published on Bukisa. Sometimes, I get comments long before I receive notice my content has been published, and sometimes, I never receive notice I have been published at all. This all makes it very difficult to track my articles.

While I like writing for Bukisa, a few improvements would make the experience much more enjoyable and would help me to establish myself on this site.


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