Maximizing Bukisa income, Promotion vs. Publication

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Let’s start off with what Bukisa’s business model is about. Simply put, they’ve made a website where us writer can subscribe and post content. Bukisa publishes that content on a handful of websites that they own and maintain. On those websites they also publish a load of advertising along with our content. They get money for people viewing the pages (pay per view) and clicking the advertisements (pay per click). To get these advertisements, Bukisa uses Google Adsense and other affiliate programs. From my own experience one click on an advertisement can earn as much as $1 while page views generate much less. However, we writers only get paid a specific amount per view instead of a much bigger amount if someone would click on the advertisement. That’s where Bukisa gets their revenue from.

In exchange they provide us with multiple websites that are specific to a certain interest. They (mostly) create a decent layout and generate traffic to their websites. They also provide us with many tools to generate more page views to increase their and our income. With these tools they simplify everything for us so we can focus solely on writing content. It’s very smart to use the tools to notify friends other people of your post through e-mail and twitter and such. By using these tools you’ll have to spend very litte time on marketing and promotion. This gives us more time to create more and more content.

The real danger is when you start caring about promotions too much and thereby neglecting the publications. Bukisa provides us with easy tools to deal with our promotions. Use them, but leave it at that. Afterwards just start working on new content instead of trying to get people to view your piece. Visitors will eventually come for their selves. The trick here is to generate as much content as humanly possible. Over time, this content will be added in google and other search engines, this is free and automated promotion that is definitely more effective than adding your content to facebook or something manually.

What do you think is most realistic, 1 piece that generates 10.000 visitors each month, 10 pieces that generate 1000 views each month or 100 pieces that generate 100 views each month? The result is the same, but the last option is obviously the most realistic. Overtime it will also be the most beneficial. So, my advice is: Start generating content instead of page views!

Have fun!


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