Are all men dogs?

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Okay girls have you ever wonder why men are dogs? And also are there any good men? Well i did a poll  with the men in my family and you will be shock!! Hold on for these answers your heart will bleed. Well my first person was let’s call him sean not really his name but he wish not to say his real name. Well i ask him why do he cheat? the answer for him was he can’t help but to lust and crave. Notice crave are they animals? I think so also he mention the time that music has alot to do with it. It makes them feel the need to have several  women and they would be the man. The man you heard that the man how about AIDS does AIDs care about being the man? No it doesn’t don’t give up ladies let’s hold on to fantasy island and prince charming. Lol the other person was my grandfather wow i said my grandfather 85 years old man. He said that men should have as many women they want for different needs. What needs walking them bathing how about playing ball thats the need of dogs I mean men. Then my uncle he says they lust for something new the thrill he said all men do. Why is it we don’t lust and stay in love even when there on the hunt? And last but not least my little cousin he says he get hoes sorry to use that terms ladies but thats what his generation call us queens. He said he like all tyes and sizes and have to get them all. So now i gave you different generations of some men which claims to speak for all men. Is this true it ‘s sure opens your eyes.

Now to end this poll I would say some words these men are from different times and are still telling you men are dogs. I am not taking side I am just giving facts of life take my grandfather his time wasn’t hip hop or new music but he stills cheat. And one of the men blames it on music some lust and one who thinks it’s cool. Is it cool when or women dies when they are married and mom’s and are faithful just because of the hunt. No i say ladies for 09″ lets  protect or self against that man called AID’s and heart breaks. keep your eye’s open if thinking there’s a prince charming will save your life think it and drop the dog because the world wants us to except the fact that cheating is okay they all do it. Say NO NO NO NO!!! it’s not okay it’s playing games with your life. If some one would have stop like my grandfather it would not have been pasted on to his family tree. It’s start with us first ladies put your feet down start now.


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