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He came back into her life after nine years.  She tried so hard to hide in her own little world where no one from her past could find her. It wasn’t that she was a criminal running from the law; she was just running from her past and almost everyone in it. Her heart raced as the instant message flashed on her computer. All it said was “how ya been?” It wasn’t the computer or even the question that scared her; it was the person behind the message.

                She was sixteen when she first saw him. She had just started going to a new youth group with some friends and he was there. They knew the same people but never met each other. She watched him from a distance. She thought he was so good looking. He was Italian. He had dark black hair that feathered back in the front and was long in the back. He wore his short sleeve, white shirt half buttoned and a pair of stone washed jeans that fit just right.

                “Who is that?” she asked her friend, Renee as she looked his way again.

                “Oh that’s Curtis. He is going out with Jen, the prep, right now.  It’s a waste really he is sooooooo good looking.”

                “Yes he is.” She said with a seductive tone to her voice.

                “Come on, I’ll introduce you. I can’t believe that you haven’t met him before. He use to be T’s best friend, before they had a huge falling out. No one really knows what happened though. That was when you and T first started going out. Don’t you remember him?”

                “No, I don’t remember him at all, but I don’t want to meet him right now either. Jen is right there and we shouldn’t interrupt them. “She looked around the room some more. “ Hey, look there is T and Bobby. Let’s go talk to them”

                “R u there?!” came up on the instant messenger now. She could have easily shut off the computer or even blocked his message, but she just sat there frozen in space.

                Curtis had big, round, puppy dog eyes that she just couldn’t take her mind from. Angel was a slender young woman. She had long blonde hair and bluish gray eyes with just a hint of green in them. Her and her best friend Renee had joined different youth groups just to hang out. The churches they belonged to didn’t even seem like youth groups. They were more like hangouts. The group of friends they hung out with was trouble and Renee and Angel were the leaders it seemed like.  The girls would smoke weed, pop pills, listen to rock music, drink, and the majority of them had sex on a regular basis. The guys of the group would pretty much do the same things as the girls but they also liked to cause fights and see how many of the girls they could get into bed.

Curtis seemed different to Angel. He was someone that they would normally tease and leave hanging. He was deemed one of “the preps.”  Someone Angel would never go after, but for some reason he was different to her. She was drawn to him by a force that she couldn’t explain.

                Smiley faces began to appear on her computer screen now. Her mind and her heart were both racing. He was one of the reasons she left, yet the curiosity was getting the better of her. She needed to know how he found her and what he wanted.

                “okay Angel, he crushed you twice, he will just do it again, but it’s over the computer, he don’t know where I am”, she felt like she had to little people on each shoulder pleading their case, as her mind battled out the pros and cons of the whole thing. Her mind questioned her heart as her hands rested on the keyboard. “It has been nine years, how could he get to me now? He always could before.” The battle still raged inside her.

                “Hey stranger, it took you long enough to find me.”  She wanted to find out all he knew so she had to be nice. Angel always knew where he was, even after nine years. Her friend, Renee, gave her his address. She kept tabs on him not because she cared but for her own protection from him.

                She thought back again. They began dating probably nine or ten months after meeting that day at youth group. She trusted him with everything.

                “Angel”, Renee said to her one day, “you better be careful with Curtis. He really isn’t what he seems to be.” She looked at Angel with such concern in her eyes. She paused for a moment and then looked down a little. “I’ve heard stories about him.”

                “Renee, Curtis would never hurt me. He loves me, besides they are only stories. I mean is there any proof behind them? Think about it. How many stories have we heard about each other? Thanks for your concern though girl.” She smiled at Renee. Renee sat there at a loss for words. She forced a smile on her face. She knew that Angel made a good point, but she had a bad feeling this time. She wished she knew how to make Angel to listen just a little.

                “Hey, I’ll call ya later. I got to go meet him over by the bridge.” Angel said to Renee as she grabbed up her hoodie and was walking out the door.

                “Yeah alright, just please be careful. Hey I might be out with Bobby and Scott and the rest of them so try their house first.” Renee yelled out to Angel. She still had that uneasy feeling about today though.   

                “Alright girl, have fun,” Angel said as she came back and hugged Renee. She grabbed her keys and out the door she went. Angel looked so happy to Renee. She didn’t want to take that happiness away, but the pit of her stomach felt sick and she knew something wasn’t right.


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