Volunteering Can Make the World a Better Place

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A few days ago, I was part of an introduction to a volunteer opportunity. It was the first part of the training. I need hours for school, so I had my mind on graduation instead of the bigger picture. I was volunteering to be a part of a hospice. A hospice cares for terminally ill patients. If there is not much we can do to keep the patients living much longer, then we try to make life as easy as possible for them. We help take care of any last wishes the patient might have.
I realized that I was getting more than volunteering hours for school. I was becoming part of a much larger picture. It is hard for one person alone to make much of a difference in this world, but get those who can make a difference together, and we can help change it. I realized that life is giving me more than I ever asked for.
Volunteering let me see the world through a new set of eyes. It seems to be a happy place to us untouched by pain. If you learn to see past this disguise, then you can learn how it really is. There are people out there who are sick, starving, and even dying. I love that volunteering puts me in a position to help these people. They may be beyond being saved by any medical means, but to have company, as their life force draws to a close, is a gift more precious than I could ever understand.
Volunteers are people of all kinds brought together by a common desire to help others. The world needs more compassionate people to make it a better place. If it were you on the deathbed, wouldn’t you die content knowing that you had spent you life helping those in need while you could? Volunteering is not a job or a service. It is a gift.
You can give this gift by volunteering. Volunteering works both ways. You help people in need and you help yourself. In return, you gain confidence and self-worth. The acts of a volunteer open the door to making a better world. I have become a better person through volunteering. Volunteering is not about getting hours for school, but for caring for other people in need of assistance. The world is a dark place, but volunteering helps bring out more light every day.


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