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Here is a great way to share your knowledge and make money at the same time , write! write! write! fresh unique content is the most important part of a website or a blog. so it is no surprise that there is always a need for fresh content and of course a writer to write them. while you might think ” i know i am not a good writer” or “every subject is already covered so there is nothing left for me to write and no one would pay for my writing”, but the reality is that you can get paid for writing about a subject even if there are thousands of articles or books or blogs written about it. don’t forget that people are looking for unique and fresh content and since each one of us has a different outlook on world and everything surrounding it, therefore what you write about that same topic will be entirely unique and fresh. you just have to find your own style of writing which can be accomplished by practice, so the more you write the better you get and if you are writing for pay, the more money you will make. no one was born a good writer or any kind of  writer for that matter. you become one and a good one by writing. You probably have some knowledge about something that others don’t, well here you go why not write about it and share your knowledge with others, so while being helpful and discovering your writing abilities, you are making some much needed cash too. If you don’t know where to start here is what you can do, make a list of some subjects that interest you and you have some knowledge of, do some research about the subjects if needed and ad it to your knowledge, then register with couple of the web sites below and start writing. don’t forget  the more you write the better of a writer you become and that will of course lead to a greater chance to succeed and make money as a writer/freelancer. practice makes perfect. make money writing is a great source of income.

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