True Lessons of Life are Learnt Through Pain

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You need to be hurt in order to feel,
You need to lose in order to gain,
You need to fail in order to pass,
You need to cry in order to laugh,
You need to disrespect in order to teach,
You need to lie in order to hide the truth,
You need to fall in order to get up,
You need to be cheated in order to know,
You need to be punished in order to learn,
Because lessons in life are best learned through Pain…………

Life comes with Pain, happiness; sorrow and all these are moments are something we need to live with.  Some are satisfying and some may not be so.

Pain is the best practical teacher which teaches us lessons which stays as memory forever.  Pain tells us that it is time to perhaps change, it tells us it’s time to move on. One should learn, and detect what life wants to tell when it gives you pain, moment you interpret and act, it is all gone. We all need to learn to work effectively and more positively through the learning lessons from this teacher called Pain. At times it positively changes, your whole course of life.

Learning is part and parcel of our life and through pain you have the best learning’s of our life. We need to gain from the moments of pain and from the learning’s we learn to be happy with whatever we have.

Good thoughts, good deeds, good actions which would give happiness to you in real sense.


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