How to Save Your Cell Phone If It Has Been Dunked In Water

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How to Save Your Cell Phone if it Has Been Dunked In Water

Here’s what you need:

*  Q-tips
*  Bowl
*  Paper Towels
*  Can of compressed air or a blow dryer
*  Uncooked rice

Remove the battery immediately!  Don’t try to turn the phone on or use it in any way.  Dry the battery off as much as possible with paper towels and Q-tips.  Wrap the battery dry paper towels and set it aside.

Dry the phone off as much as possible with Q-tips, paper towels, etc.  Be thorough.  Get inside the battery case, between buttons, and inside any connectors going into the phone.

Shake the phone.  More water might appear.  Keep drying it.  When no more water appears when you shake the phone, set the phone down.

Use compressed air or a blow-dryer and blow air into the keypad, the ports, and the battery case.  If you use a blow-dryer, remember to hold it away from the phone so the phone isn’t damaged or melted by the extremely hot air.

When you have dried the phone as much as you can in all other ways, put the phone into the bowl.  Pour uncooked rice over the phone and completely cover it.  Let the phone sit in the rice for a day.  The rice acts as a dessicant and sucks any residual moisture from the device.

After a day in the rice, the phone should be very dry.  Reinsert the battery and power the phone on.  There is a reasonable chance your phone might turn on and work fine.  Chances of success improve if you haven’t tried to power the phone on while it was wet, and you dry it as soon as possible.  Good luck.


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