How to Know If Your Relationship Is Based On Just Lust

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Many times people choose to be in a relationship for all wrong reasons. One of the main reasons behind this is that they confuse lust with love. Apparently, it is true that a relationship should have both. But if you see that lust has been the main driving force in your relationship you should think twice before moving forward with your partner. To know if your relationship is governed by lust only, read the 12 points given below and see if they apply to your relationship.

1. You are attracted to each other because of each other’s looks, but have few hiccups about each other’s personality.

2. There is a great sexual chemistry between the two of you. You just can’t get enough of the sex.

 3. The thoughts are more sexual than sentimental.

 4. You have not received a romantic present from the partner. That is, no heartfelt letter, a heart shaped chocolate box or a CD full of love songs dedicated to you.

 5. You do not find yourselves saying heartfelt words to each other like I love you, I appreciate you, I feel safe with you and so on.

 6. You two do not share similar likes and dislikes about other matters like music, books, politics, society, wealth, etc.

 7. You experience boredom while talking about other topics.

 8. Your viewpoints on love and moral values do not match. That is, you two have different viewpoints on how a relationship should be. Consequently, you find yourselves compromising in order to maintain the present status of the relationship.

 9. There is argument about attention. He is not there when you need him. She is not there when you need her. And it is not easy to understand why and thus you feel annoyed. And no matter how much you tell each other you are busy with certain work there is always suspicion in the air.

 10. You try to solve your problems by having sex. Problems occur and you argue about it. But without coming into a negotiation you decide to calm each other by having sex.

 11. There are constant breakups and makeups.

 12. You do not see each other in your future. In fact, the future of the relationship is undecided.  


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