How to Enjoy Your Great Lakes Cheeses or Stilton Cheeses

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  1. Step 1 cheese_Thumb.jpg

    Cheese–First off you should note that your cheese should be stored at 5° C Or 41° F.

    Also your cheese should be pulled out of the fridge about 30 or so minutes prior to eating the cheese.

  2. Step 2 WineCheeseBread_Thumb.jpg

    A simple and popular way to enjoy ones cheese is called “marriage”. This term simply means to enjoy your cheese with Wine and Bread. There are many wines, breads, and cheeses to choose from to make a great combination.

  3. Another good way to enjoy your cheese is by eating it with crackers. You can also try just eating the cheese by itself.
  4. The best place for cheese in the home refrigerator is at the bottom, either in the door’s lowest shelf or in the covered vegetable compartment. Cheese should not, however, be kept in the vegetable compartment with vegetables, especially vegetables with a strong odor like broccoli or onions, as flavors migrate in the fridge.
  5. Check out my resources for a few more tips on enjoying cheese.

    The 2nd resource will tell you what types of wine and or bread to eat with your cheese depending on what type of cheese it is.

    Lastly Just remember.. All cheese is good cheese :)!

Tip: Cheese can be a good social tool. Try setting up a party and just having a bunch of different types of cheeses for your friends/family to snack on.

Warning: If your lactose intolerant, You will probably not want to eat cheese very much.


Enjoy your cheese from Stiltons cheeses and great lakes cheeses!

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