5 Ways to Eat: Healthy Ways of Eating

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Dieting – Depriving yourself of the simple joy of indulging in a satisfying meal, even starving yourself to death just to trim your waistline and so you live a day healthier… You’ve done it. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s takes a bunch of effort that most of the time you think that it’s impossible, unrealistic, even though you’ve given your all.. Maybe there are still other things you can try besides following your regular diet plan. Maybe something else can be done to help you a healthier eating lifestyle. Maybe all you need to do is to watch how you actually eat. Want to try these healthy eating habits?

  1. Eat slowly. Sometimes our body needs to catch up with all the food that is entering our mouths. It would be healthy to help our digestive system do its work less excruciatingly by eating more slowly. Make it a rule to eat within 15 minutes or so (at the minimum), so you don’t gobble everything in one fell swoop. This will give time for your body to process every bit of food you’re taking in digesting them thoroughly, hence leaving you with a smaller tummy.
  2. Keep a smooth flowing music in the background. Studies show that if you’re drinking alcohol or dinning with a fast song playing in the background, then you also tend to drink or eat just as fast (and more). Counteract this by playing smooth sounds so you’re also taking it easy on your meal.
  3. Eat with someone. Have a conversation buddy while you’re eating. The logic with this is that if you’re eating with and talking with somebody while eating, your focus is actually being taken away from your eating. Chatting with somebody while eating lets you eat bit by bit, and only at a gradual pace, hence keeping true to our healthy eating habit number 1.
  4. Drink before and while eating. This is a good technique if you’re trying to eat less. By drinking a glass of water before eating, you’ve already made your stomach feeling a little fuller. Drinking in increments while eating serves the same purpose plus, it also gives enough amount of fluid in your gut to ease digestion.
  5. Eat less in the afternoon and evenings. When it comes to eating, timing is of the essence. And the perfect time for eating is in the morning only. It is a fact that your body begins to wind down in the afternoon and as the evening comes. (It prepares itself to sleep). It also holds true to your digestive system. Your digestion starts winding down at the end of day so it may not be a good idea to shove it a lot more work by eating late. (No wonder you can’t possibly keep of the weight as long as you’re eating midnight snacks). Actually this healthy habit is also the idea behind the famous and very effective After-Six Dieting (not eating past 6 pm). Eat less in the afternoon and evening and you might just see the difference.

If you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight and eat and live healthier, but haven’t tried any of the above suggestions, then you may be missing something. Follow these five eating habits, better yet make them a regular routine and you will be amazed.


Quick Tips:

  1. Set the right mood while eating.
  2. Be particularly conscious of the way you are eating.
  3. Time or schedule your eating.


(c) Ae Dechavez

*Article first published in Health Mad: Weight Loss: Five Amazing Healthy Eating Habits You Have Never Tried


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