World Heart Day: Working towards your wellness!

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World Heart Day: Working towards your wellness!

How is your heart? I am not asking about your sweet heart, but about your own heart.It is time to get refreshed and remind yourself and check up how healthy is your heart and chalk out a suitable plan and program to set it right.

That is why we have a World Heart Day every year, that falls on the last Sunday of September every year; in the year 2009, it is celebrated on 27 th of September, that being the last Sunday.

The World Heart Day is being celebrated and organized on the auspices of the World Health Organisation, the World Heart Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the UNESCO..These organizations are working together to co-ordinate their activities and organize their programmes.

Every year, about 17.2 million people become victims of heart diseases throughout the world.Of them 50 % people are women.Besides, during the period between 2005 and 2015, the world economy suffers a heavy loss, just because the employees suffering from heart ailments in countries like China, India and Russia cause heavy losses to the tune of $ 550 billions, $ 250 billions and $ 76 billions respectively in their countries, by virtue of their absenteeism, deficiency of service and death etc

Hence, the World Heart Day, 2009 has its theme: Working towards the Wellness! and Work with Heart. The main idea underlying the theme is to reduce the employees heart ailments by the provision of health care facilities, by reducing their stress and making them smoke free and in turn reduce their absenteeism and improve their efficiency in work. The ultimate objective is to reduce the economic loss suffered by the leading countries of the world.

Such programmes can be organized and made available only by the corporate sector to its employees and in the case of the employees of small scale sector and individuals,they have to make their own arrangements. Hence, awareness about the theme of the World Heart day has to be spread among the people irrespective of their employment status.

How to Work towards the wellness and Work with Heart in the case of individuals is an interesting but a very serious question. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of heart disease all over the world.In the case of Indians the risk is four times than the people of the Western countries and 20 times more than the Japanese.Of late, even people in the age group of 25 to 30 are becoming the victims of heart disease and it is an alarming news. Among the Indians 80 % premature death is caused by the heart diseases.

Risk Factors that cause heart disease:-

The risk factors that are mainly responsible to cause heart disease are stress, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity of remaining dormant and lazy and smoking.

The stress factor affects the individuals depending upon the nature of their personalities.Particularly negative personalities( people who are agitated,aggressive and impulsive and people who are concealed, subdued and less communicative) trigger negative reaction in the human beings resulting in rise in heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and high cholesterol, leading to narrowing of coronary arteries that result in heart diseases.The increasing incidence of narrowing of the coronary arteries in the youngsters are due to stress, insecurity and unhealthy life style.

However stress factor causes a positive reaction in calm, happy and balanced personalities, resulting in the increased secretion of hormones that helps the heart to function normally.

Therefore, a healthy work culture along with life style changes helps to prevent the heart diseases, besides leading to the reversal of blocked coronary arteries.

Adequate rests, mild stretching exercises, a healthy diet that includes more vegetables and fruits in diets and mental relaxation help improve one’s performance.

Therefore, the permanent cure of preventing heart disease is by making an effective lifestyle changes and the three effective solutions to have a healthy heart are: 1.Positive thoughts, 2 healthy food, 3, adequate exercise.

Therefore on this World Heart day, you have to refresh and reinforce the above mentioned three solutions to have a healthy heart.


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