technics for getting what you want from almost anyone

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did you ever know someone you liked to be a round because they made you feel good? those people  have figured out how to be honest and genuine. there are over 100 ways to do this. it will not take alot of effort once you learn their secrets. 100 is a large number. we will not get to everything in this one article.

we make thousands of subliminal judgements a second. we can look at someone obviously, holding their head  down  and judge them on that simple little jesture, or when someone does not make alot of direct eye contact, body gestures? we are going to talk about one of those today.

EYE CONTACT: eye contact tells people you are interested in what they are saying, it makes them feel important. or it makes them feel good about themselves. when someone feels good about them selves, they want to be around that person who made them feel that way.

friendships – make eye contact with the one who is speaking. when you do this your attention is only on them.  you are attentive to that friend. you then have a genuine intelligent response. 

MAKE SOMEONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU: if you are seeking an intimate relationship, keep your eyes on that person. use a subtle smile while your eyes are fixed on them. you can look away when someone else begins to speak, but turn back to  (HIM OR HER), TO SHOW THEM HOW INTERESTED YOU ARE TO THEIR REACTIONS WITHIN THE CONVERSATION. the subtle smiles are important. you want to show a feeling of being comfortable around them. men make sure you look at heir eyes and face, dont let your eyes wander to far.

TRUTH HUNTERS: for intsance police who are seeking the truth will use a constant unwavering eye contact to intimdate. they are trying to scare a suspect to get the truth.

MAN TO MAN: we men want to make good eye contact. not to lingure, we do not want to give the wrong impression. but we want to hold our heads high, and be attentive


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