Short story competition with a twist/October

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You have found another short story competition. How is the mybookx Short Story Contest different from all the other competitions on the Internet? Ofcourse we also have a price and three catogories. Two for youth;

  • age 10 – 14
  • age 15 – 18

And one catogory for adults. The topic for the month October is 1747. You are free to write in any style, there are no restrictions. (except for pornography,or (auto)biography) Minumum amount of words 250, maximum 2000. We will look at the originality of the piece. This will the first time that Mybookx is holding a competition like this and we are hoping for your cooperation. We are looking for something different, not just any mainstream creation.There is enough of this already. We are looking for a dark horse so to speak. Someone with a living imagination, not a copy machine.

Because we are a site for writers we have a book as a price. Here in lies the twist. For a small fee, you can win this book, but you can also submit your own published book on our site and this can be the price for one of the next months.

So there you see, this is actually a way of promoting your stuff as well. Do you have a story laying around somewhere in a drawer, why not sent it too us? You have nothing to lose except for € 1.50. However if you have a book for sale we will promote this for you free.

Which book can you win this month? For the month October we have chosen:

‘A stream of thought’ by Emma Green

Sent you copy to: All copy need to be double spaced and pages need to be numbered. Put your name, title of story and age in the header.


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