How to Stay in Shape With a Couple Easy Steps

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  1. Step 1

Start going on short walks or jogs, this will start burning calories and help pump blood threw your body.

Step 2

Try to cut down on fast foods and eat healthier. Maybe eat cereal in the morning and some spagetti for dinner. You want to eat something with calories but not so much if you dont burn a lot of them threw out the day.

Step 3

Try to do 3 sets of 10 or 15 push up and sit ups/crunches everyday to help build abb muscles and arm muscles. This wont make you ripped and have a nice body, but it does help stay in shap and burn extra calories and keep physical abilities as you get older. Which is important because it seems the more active you are everyday while your younger, affects how active you can be when your older.


  1. Eat as healthy as you can, with a little of everything.
  2. Stop eating fast food as a luctury, its super bad for you and is disgusting when you think about it. Its filled with grease and high calories that are hard for the average person to burn off in a single day.
  3. Exersize regularly. Maybe every night or morning. Maybe even every other day? Just get out and go for a walk or jog and maybe do some sit ups.


  1. Try to eat some posta for dinner. This gives you energy for the next day.
  2. Try to eat a good solid breakfast EVERY morning.
  3. Dont eat junk food and candy for snacks through out the day, try to eat a cerial bar or a small salad for a snack, But only enough to tide you over untill the next meal.

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