Speed Up Utorrent Downloads

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This is how to speed up uTorrent version:
1.6 +
Click the peers tab (right click -> untick resolve Ip’s)

Options -> Preferences

:General (tab)
Tick add Windows firewall exeception

:Connection (tab)

Listening Port [443] or [45682]
Untick Upnp
Untick nat-pmp
Untick Random port

:Bandwidth (tab) (depends on your connection)

Untick Automatic
Change Global Upload to [15]

Gloabal Connections [500]
Connected per torrent [200]

Tick Upload slots(90%) -> [14]

:BitTorront (tab)

Protocol Encryption [Enable] [allow legacy connections]—–

:Queueing (tab)
Active Torrents [60]
Active Downloads [63]

Ratio [100%] [ignore]Untick seeding tasks
Untick seeding Goal, change to [4]

:Advanced (tab)
Change and click Set

BT.allow_same_iP [*True]
BT.connect_speed [*2]
BT.enable_tracker [*True]
BT.no_connect_to_services [*False]
BT.send_have_to_seed [*False ]

gui.bypass_search_redirect [*True]

net.max_halfopen [*500] 
net.outgoing_port [*50] 
net.wsaevents [*150]

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval [*900]

queue.dont_count_slow_dl [*False] 
queue.dont_count_slow_ul [*False]

rss.update_interval [*20]
As most people know sp3 drops more limits on things smile.gif This lil tool undoes them.

TCP/IP Changer Here
If your going to use this tweak don’t change it to 10,000 as it says on the page. anywhere from 100-500 will be fine.

;;; More Guides also on youtube. (I just put a few of them together)

– Ash smile.gif


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