How to Say “NO” to a MLM Pitch

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MLM which stands for Multi Level Marketing is widely spread in the United States and the world and their services and products have a vast range from travel to beauty products. These businesses are successful because some people are good at it and have the personality for them but others do not. What happens when somebody insists that you get in the business but you know that it is not for you, is that most times it is hard to say no and you do end up losing money and time. These are steps to say no.

If it is a stranger asking you it may be easier because you may never see them again but most times it is a friend.

Listen to what the person has to say. It is important to actively listen to the persons pitch to understand where they are coming from to understand them better

Thank them and let them know you appreciate them talking to you about something that is important to them and never put their work and business down.

Be honest about why your are saying “no” to them and this can be anything maybe right now you do not have the money to invest, or you already have too much going on or just the thought of talking to someone makes you sweat or you are just too lazy.

Be a broken record since the person that is pitching the business will insist but you just tell them your reason over and over again and eventually they will understand and appreciate your honesty.


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