What Does It Mean To Love

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To love a person is not loving qualities or characteristics about them. To truly love a person is an emotion/act that goes much deeper than that. Loving qualities or characteristics about a person is different from loving the actual person. Qualities can be found in anybody. Meaning if you love her because of certain qualities, when those qualities change your feelings will change also. But if you love her despite characteristics but for person that she is, your feelings will remain solid, thats the emotion of love. You will do what you can to help her improve her situations, understand her feelings, make her feel happy… thats the act of love.

I want to be loved for who I am, not what I am. I have many great qualities, traits, characteristics which may be appealing to potential mates. What I desire is the real thing. Meaning I want to be loved and accepted for the person God made me to be. Strip away all the outer layers, all the characteristics, all the qualities, all the traits. Can you love the core of who I am as a person? Can you love the real me unconditionally?


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