Is Love Overrated?

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So I’m not saying that real love doesn’t exist. I mean I understand that God is love, I love people, things, overall I’m a loving person by nature. I personally feel that man is not capable of handling the kind of love that God represents so we’ve managed to make our own rules and some even turn love into a game of some sort.

I’m beginning to feel that romantic love is overrated. If you really think about it, love is just an emotion, a feeling – just like feeling sad, lonely, happy, or excited. Is this particular emotion stronger than others? I mean some people stay in unfulfilled relationships, unfair situations, spend all their money, time, energy and effort in the name of love. People lose themselves, step outside of their character, fight, kill, set new standards all in the name of this one emotion. I’ve been guilty of it myself! Loving another person in a romantic way will make you do things that you said you would never do. Aint it funny.

I have been single for 2 years now. It took me 2 freakin years to get over a person that I once and still do “love.” I mean I’m not mad because every experience holds a valuable lesson but damn!! For 2 years I could have been doing something else! Anyway, those 2 years I was not ready to give my heart to anybody, I spent a lot of time in solitude and most importantly I spent a lot of time learning and loving me. I had the chance to step back and understand love. I realized that romantic love seems selfish, difficult and sometimes just not worth it but that is only because we make it that way. Many of us do not understand the basis of truly loving another person. Others are afraid of the disappointment and harships that come with giving or receiving real love.

Love doesn’t hurt, it isn’t selfish, it shouldn’t cause you to hurt anybody, fight, kill, argue, it’s not jealous or any of those other negative things. Real love is pure, understanding, fun, giving, it makes you feel as if you can fly and some days it is the only motivation in this world for getting up and doing your thing. Real love makes you want to dance! It’s beautiful, it makes you feel good. In real love there aren’t any selfish or hidden motives because you don’t give it expecting anything in return! You give love because you want to and you know the person that you give it to needs it. Even if they don’t appreciate it, you still feel good. Even if they don’t love you back – it’s still all good! Even if they love somebody else and not you – it’s okay. We are all free to love whomever we want! Did I say that love is not controlling? Love is pure, unconditional and IT IS NOT OVERRATED. It’s mostly just misunderstood and misconstrued but I think I have a pretty decent understanding of it.

I am very capable of giving love. I no longer worry about being disappointed because when you don’t expect anything there is nothing to be disappointed about!


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