Make things yourself instead of buying!

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In today’s world people are used to being able to buy stuff at every corner. From basic food and drink to luxury items such as computers and cell phones. Nearly all products have a maximum lifespan of less than a year before they break and are replaced by new and “better” (more functions but still crap quality) ones. Fine craftsmanship has become rare and usually has an extremely high price tag. Lets take shoes for example: There was a time where people would buy a pair of shoes for the same price as we buy them now (inflation taken out of consideration). However, those shoes were meant to last for many years. If the shoes were broken or wore out, they would be brought to the shoemaker who fixed them for a small fee. Today’s idea of quality shoes is 100 dollar sneakers which will be completely worn out in about 6 months. This is okay because people aren’t supposed to wear the same shoes for more than 6 months anyways. Are they?

The above is an example of modern consumerism. People won’t consider repairing items but buy new ones instead. By not thinking of ways to repair the item, this automatically leads to loss of creativity and craftsmanship which everyone was expected to have merely 2 generations ago. However, if you’re willing, you can learn to repair things and even make your own quality items. Also, by repairing items you won’t need to hire a “specialist” to do it for you. For instance, you won’t have to hire a plumber if the tap of your water pipe is a little loose

Many people consider this to be very fulfilling and money-saving. There are many things you can start making yourself pretty much instantly. Other than saving money, it is a great way to spend some time alone or with others. Here are some idea’s to get you started:

Things you can make:

  • bread
  • lemonade
  • vegetables
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • vest
  • sweater
  • toys
  • oil lamp
  • regular lamp
  • furniture
  • candles
  • dishes and cups
  • music
  • etc…

Things you can repair for yourself:

  • shoes 🙂
  • clothes
  • simple electronics
  • dishes and cups
  • furniture
  • the toilet
  • the sink and any other plumbing
  • your bicycle or other transportation

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of all the things you could do! Remember, doing so will be rewarding for yourself and for your wallet 😉

Have fun!


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