Light bulb Santa

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With the holidays fast approaching I have started some of my Christmas crafts this week. One of my favorite things to make is light bulb ornaments. They are fun, easy, take little time to make and helps the environment by reusing those old burned out light bulbs.

Here is one of the ornaments I made and thought I would share with you. It is a fat jolly Santa.

What You Will Need:

An old light bulb

acrylic paint in red, white, black, blue, and flesh,

A small wooden heart

Triangle piece of red felt

a white pom pom

A wide bristled artist’s brush

a fine tip artist’s brush


hot glue gun and glue

Begin by wiping your light bulb with a soft cloth dampened in rubbing Alcohol. This will take off all the dust particles and make the paint adhere better.

Using the wide bristle artist brush paint the entire bulb white. This gives your bulb a base coat and makes the finished product look great.

Hang to dry. (I use a pipe cleaner as hanger. I twist one end around the metal part of a bulb and form a hook with the other end and hang the bulb from my cup hook to dry)

When the first coat dries thoroughly, wipe with a clean dry cloth to remove all brush strokes from the paint and then add a second white base coat.

Using a pencil lightly draw where the face and arms go. You might also want to draw in the trim on the coat and the belt.

Paint doing one area at a time and allowing it to dry before going on to the next area. This will prevent smearing the paint into other areas.

Paint the heart black.

When the bulb is completely painted and dry attach the heart to the bottom for Santa’s boots

Using the triangle piece of red felt form a Santa hat and attach it. Glue on the pom pom and you have finished.


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