The Start

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We have been listening to the story of Adam and Eve for years now. How Eve was made to eat from the ‘Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’ and how then Adam eats from it thus resulting in their barring from the ‘Garden of Eden’. Afterwards, they gain the knowledge of reproduction and start a family which has ‘all of us’ as its descendants.

Now, my rational friends would debate this and would conclude that the origin of life was from a ‘unicellular organism’ which bred in water. Some would also say that it was ‘Abiogenesis’ (Study of how Life on Earth could have started from inanimate matter) which resulted in our existence now.

But, my view on this topic differs from all those stated above. Let me ask you a simple question “How were we created?” You would probably say “Our parents are responsible for this.” which is a very valid answer. Now “How were our parents created”, you “Our grandparents did it” which is agian valid. But let us keep going back like this to the stone age and even before right uptil the unicellular organism or Adam & Eve or an inanimate object where did these all come from? You “It all started with the creation of the Earth”. Okay. I agree with you. But “How was the Earth created?”. You “The Big Bang Therory”. Ofcourse, The Big Bang Theory. What a fool of me not to know. Still there must be some triggering force for it too. And an initiator for that force. And one for this force too. So on. And then GOD. But before that?

Hope you get the point. All i want to say that is we can keep on going back and trace the start of everything but how did that start start. According to me, BOOM! and the initiating step (be it God or some suprenatural force) of this neverending chain appeared and that’s how we all are here. Let me clear the BOOM! though. It’s like at one moment nothing was here and at the next *supernatural force*

This is what i think of ‘the start’. And its open to debate.


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