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This article is about how you can acquire almost any foreign language. People generally are afraid to even try learning a new language because they may have had bad experiences with Grammar etc at school. If you just want to communicate in that language there are much easier ways you can learn.

Step 1: You will always remember words that you use for a specific purpose. Words that have communicative meaning. The Internet has opened up a whole new world for language learners.

Step 2: Select a language that you wish to learn (target language) and place yourself in a situation where you will be able to use any new phrases and vocabulary. At first try to ‘chunk’ the words into common phrases. You can break these down at some later date. Internet Chat rooms are excellent for this, MIRC, which has chat rooms named after different countries is perfect.

Step 3: Don’t worry about correct usage at first, or grammar considerations, just ask native speakers for new words and start using them in your own speech. ‘Code- Switching’, is mixing up languages. This is ok as at the beginning as there will be gaps in your knowledge that need to be bridged somehow. Konglish is a mixture of Korean and English, Singlish mixes Singapore and English. Most languages will code-switch at some stage, so you can use it as a tool also.

Step 4: Because humans have an innate sense of grammar, you will begin to learn syntax (word order) naturally, and native speakers will take pleasure in chatting with you in their languages. Once yoou have some words and phrases you can keep a list handy that you can copy and paste to. (in Word etc)

Step 5: This process can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you wish. After you have achieved a modicum of confidence with the new language, you can try yourself out in speaking with people from that community.

Step 6: Go forth and communicate…

 Tips & Warnings

·                                 Be friendly with people when chatting

·                                 Make it personal

·                                 show an interest it the target culture


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