Making Rubber bands

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Have you ever been in need of just a rubber band but you don’t have one. You know the situation you need a rubber band and you just don’t have one. When you didn’t want one you saw a packet of hundreds of them but now that you need some, they’re not around. Well, here is a easy way to make some.

 Find yourself a bicycle inner tube, preferably a used or unserviceable one. Ensure however, that the rubber is still stretchy and will not break easily when stretched. Usually if you have children they have had bicycles and have had punctures in tyres and you may have them hanging around.

Cut the valve stem off by make two straight cuts on either side of of the stem. This will leave you with one long straight rubber tube. The valve stem is where you connect the pump to when inflating the tyre.

Place the tube on a cutting board and using a very sharp knife cut off pieces to the width you require your rubber bands to be. Children should avoid doing this as handling sharp knives may be hazardous.

Alternatively, you can employ an electric ham slicer, and feed in the required thickness each time. Remember, the larger the tyre the larger the rubber bands can be.

Tips & Warnings

·                                 Any rubber tube of the same consistency will suffice.

·                                 Use caution with any electric cutting tool.

·                                 Rubber inner tubes exposed to sunlight will deteriorate.

·                                 Be careful with sharp cutting implements.


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