Earning passive income online

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First step in earning a passive income online is to determine what you can offer to the general public! Do you have special talents you could utilize? Special and unique product you can offer? This makes it a whole lot easier to earn if you have these abilities. If not, you can do one of the following.

Earn money with stock sites in the web! A good example of these sites are flashden.net, bigstock.com and the likes! They allow you to upload images, videos, designs, logos, etc., for a royalty fee or an income every time they get viewed!

Blogging and writing – It generally entails to you having some general skill in writing or promoting a site! With blogging, creating a public friendly content allows you more article views which in return elevates your chances of earning more money! With writing, sites such as reviewstream.com and ehow.com gives you great value for your content!

Selling stuff! If you have extra unused items lying around at home, you can sell this items through online auction sites such as ebay, amazon, ubid and the likes! Build a reputation as a seller and attract more buyers!

General web business! Make your own products! If your good at web designs and stuff then sell your services to create websites and logos. If you have a good talent in proofreading or editing then get a contractual job as a freelance proofreader! Whatever your skills are, sell it to the public! Also, you could tie up with some of the biggest sites to be a distributor or an independent seller for their products!

Redistribute subscriptions — Registering to sites which sells services such as web hosting, designs, etc., you get to sell this products as your own and earn a percentage to your sales!


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