Why Do Women Cheat On Their Partner?

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Is it the thrill of the forbidden escape from a mundane relationship that makes women goes into betraying their partners? Have you ever felt drawn to another guy even though you are in a relationship or already married with a partner? You know the rules and that the other guy is not your partner and yet the two of you have shared feelings together and flirted. Maybe you have kissed and things have gone no further than that. So, this is not something that to be taken lightly. Once you have crossed the line, there is no turning back. It’s always very difficult to undo a relationship.

If you were unfaithful to your partner, would it mark the beginning of end for your relationship or marriage? Contrary to popular perception, affairs are not always lead to an end of a relationship or marriage. Such affairs may actually become a stable structure supporting a weak relationship, preventing it from falling apart, or even helping a tough relationship through difficult times.

On the movies and television shows, affairs are just so common that they have almost become a norm. However, the damage and consequences that may arise from affairs should not be underestimated. A one-night stand can be as dangerous to a relationship or a marriage as a long-term affair if the faithful partner finds out and that he is not able to cope with the sense of betrayal. Realizing such potential danger on the consequences, most women who engaged in affairs do not confess to their partner nor do they tell their friends at all. Some of the women just go back to life as usual when it is all over, while others may just live uncomfortably with their secret.

So, why do some women still cross the line on betraying their partner? There are many different situations and relationship issues that lead women to consider straying from their partner. Some may be due to loss of sexual activity and emotional intimacy with their partner. Some may be due to a certain crisis or change in critical life events such as moving to a different country, personal failures, shift of status and illness and death.

In fact, studies have shown that those with higher education and income are more prone to having affairs and that women in the higher socio-economic group are more likely to have been unfaithful to their partner compared with those women who are in the lower salary pay scale. Some studies also shows that there is a greater chance that those women in the age group of 25 to 35 are more likely to also engaged into unfaithful relationships with their partner. More often than not, it is in those career women with better than average salaries who have busy career and social lives where they are most of the time out meeting like-minded people are presented with more opportunities where an affair is possible.

At the end of the day, whatever it is, being faithful is the key to all relationships and marriages. In the aftermath of an affair, it can always be a turning point to a greater knowledge of yourself and your needs to better growth and honesty in your relationship or marriage. But, you must always remember to reflect on what went wrong and accept the fair share of the blame. Only then can you begin to rebuild a trusting relationship.


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