Trip to Guelph Lake

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Guelph lake is a place situated about 80 kilometers far from Toronto, in a city called Guelph in South Western Ontario. Guelph is an idustrial town, besides its prencious natural beauties such as the Guelph Lake. It took us almost half an hour to drive from Kitchener, a town about 21 KM far. I was accompanied by a spiritual buddy who has been a follower of Jesus Christ since she was seven year old. She is now thirty seven and has three grown young children whom the youngest is female and the older two boys.

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A day trip is enough to give you a clue on how beauty of nature can be enjoyed. Only entry fee is required, otherwise can spend an entire day as you wish. It is a place any one deserves to befriend with nature. It has facilities such as boats (both motorized and sailing), sand voley ball fields, camping sites, BBQ spaces and so on. Visit it when you have a chance.

After reaching the Lake, we were supposed to meet other friends who have arranged a get together to celebrate what is known as BBQ month, which is done every year. With the vastness of the lake area, we couldn’t find our inviters, rather decided to spend the day by ourselves. We watched people playing volley ball, swimming, canoeing, motor boat racing and so on. With our resources, we begin to enjoy meal and drink; invite fellow camping neighbors. There are many fantastic people in the world. What is needed is approach and conversation. Speaking with honesty and humblness doesn’t hurt. In fact it is encouraging to eastablish rapport and maintain a meaningful social interaction. With out humble approach, any one can not respond fairly.

I continued to pass the day with my spiritual buddy, who was totally excited with her new exploration of towns and cities, which she never visited earlier. She felt blessed to stay in such green area and talk about God’s words. It was also my pleasure that I spent my prencious time with this young and gentle woman who loves people and is loved by any one she approaches lol. You can see the grace of God shining on her face. Because, she is blessed. Amen.


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