Would you fight back if fredom and democracy was abolished in a proposed New World Order?

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If such a collapse of democracy and freedom were to come as a result of a proposed ‘New World Order’, it’s a given that many would fight back. But also you must remember, many freedoms have already disappeared as a result of the horrible calamity of ‘9/11’ and the ensuing threats, real or illusory. If such a Draconian New World Order were to come, it would probably be implemented one catastrophe at a time, with ensuing education to bring the masses around to the reality of it.

A sudden implementation would bring riots and battles in the street, especially with America’s still pretty liberal gun laws. Also, with the rise of armed militias, it would become very complicated to fully implement and maintain a dictatorship.

But that is to say if we are to literally interpret what others have warned about a dictatorial New World Order, many reaching into the New Testament of the Bible to back up their assertions of a rise to power of an Anti-Christ, then tying the two together with the calls for a New World Order that would be ruled with an iron-fist. At the very least, this is a bit of a stretch. But even saying that, a dictator can easily come around and unify the entire planet.

As the memories of Adolf Hitler still are less then a hundred years ago, it would be hard unless there was such a threat, real or imagined, that could threaten the safety of the entire world. A threat that could cause the rise of a New World Order to deal with it.

In some ways, a New World Order may be underway. Through globalization, the world’s boundaries are slowly slipping away and forming one super country. But this was inevitable, anyways. A New World Order of sorts is needed for the future. If done without conspirators threatening the global mindset with visions of a Hitlerian-type of rule, it would benefit us all in the end.

Also, the need for uprisings and battles against it would not be necessary. Freedom and democracy can be maintained, but it takes all sides to ensure that, or else one group or another will somehow, someway fulfill Bibical prophecy.

The Earth is moving past the mini-New World Orders; the dictators with grandiose ideas and the such into a new reality. A properly described New World Order, with freedom and democracy for all, could go a long way towards alleviating the endless world problems. It doesn’t necessarily mean fighting back, if it is truly what it should be: a New World Order, and not a reinvented dictatorship of the same old themes and ways.


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