autism: lots of safe alternativesto reduce the amount mercury in the childs system

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our son has asburgers which is a high functioning form of autism. thank god. he seamed healthy until he was about 2 years old. we had no signs anything was wrong  until he would not even respond when we called his name. after alot of doctor visits  and alot of diagnosis, the vertict was autism. the doctor insisted it was a gene defect. we took his word for it.  the mercury they used in his booster shots caused his autism. his  body will  heal its self. as long  his diet gets changed, we have alot of  hope that he will be a fully functional adult. we have more to learn. my wife and i work hard to keep him on a regular routine. he has alot of trouble remembering his day if his routine disrupted. keeping him happy helps with video games, like v-smile. we make the games a reward for doing his home work and his more than 30 minuted a day. the diet intervention has been a blessing. it is difficult to get him to eat his vegables. autism effects 1 in 58 children, making it more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and aids combined. many people have dedicated their lives to a dietary cure to autism. their books and ebooks are available almost everywere. cut the dairy from the childs diet first. soy milk, and rice milk  do not taste the same as cows milk but they do get used to it.  this incudes all dairy. that is as far as we got so far.


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