How to spice up your sex life – And be spontaneous

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  • Wear lingerie!! As a matter of fact, don’t just wear it own it! Complete this look with hair2.gif, make up, his favorite fragrance and last but not least High heels. Most people underestimate the power of lingerie, however the key is not to do it all the time, do not wear it out, or it will become expected and lose its flare:(. Surprise him, when it is unexpected it adds to the sexual excitement.

    *Try to do this when it is least expected or when your man could use a morale booster:)

  • Try different locations in your house, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, closet or tool shed.Change of scenery can always add to the level of pleasure obtained from sex.
    The real thrill seekers can try something a little more risky such as semi public places( make sure these are places that you are unlikely to be seen by others, but there is still the thrill of getting caught) For example–The woods, in a park-after dark, in the car, tent, pool or jacuzzi. You can let your imagination take you as far as you want!

Visit sex stores, there are plenty of toys, oils, videos and sex games that can be used to add spice to your sex life, also host or attend a “fun” party or “slumber” party to introduce yourself and your close friends to new adventures. If you are unfamiliar with these parties try to google it. Its usually hosted by a woman–they present and demonstrate some of the products you see in sex/adult stores, Its tons of fun!! check it out!

Send random, sexy text messages also known as “sexting”. This has to be the most simple and easy way to increase the level of excitement and anticipation. Its also good for people who may be a little shy, I wont give any examples on this one. I’m sure everyone can hanlde this one their own.

  •  Rock his world! One day, maybe his birthday, valentines day or any random day when you’re in the mood. Make reservations at a nice hotel, then take one of the room keys and put it in an envelope, along with a sexy note and instructions (ie- I’ve been thinking about you all day– Hilton, write address and room number, end it with something like- I’ll be waiting…)
    Placement of the envelope depends on how much access you have. Do this when he is away- maybe at work, leave it in his car or on the windshield (only if it will be safe there) or leave it sitting on the table or on the door when he comes home. Meanwhile you are at the hotel with candles lit, in sexy lingerie, with stilettos on, awaiting his arival…VA VA VOOM… Sex on a silver platter!

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