Finding real friends

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In real life having true friends makes a huge difference in creating a positive and happier environment and living a contented life than you would have with fake buddies! Here are ways to distinguish your true friends above the rest!

Ideally, you need to think first of people whom you associate yourself very closely with. This helps weed out the unnecessary number of people you don’t have any intention of being friends with anyway.

Remember that friends are people you need not just for the moment but probably for the rest of your life. So make sure that you like the person above anything else.

Think of bad memories in your past even the worst of all would do and try to remember who was there to comfort you without anything to gain except your being a companion. This is important as the person shows you he/she doesn’t need anything materialistic or anything of that nature and would rather have who you are than what your are.

Stay away from people who have tendencies to associate themselves with important or VIP class people. This type of personalities, although beneficial for career improvement, have money written all over them.

Friends stick together and gives you advice and optimism when your down. So watch closely who among your companions shares this same sentiment with you.

Chemistry clicks. Much like in relationships, Friendship has this certain X-factor where it is indescribable and only you know for sure. Take risk and chances on a person if you feel it inside of you!

Finally, remember to be a friend and act like one if you find these people in your life. You’re not the only one looking for them so always return the favor!


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