The Perfect Body to Tan or Not to Tan

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What is the Perfect Body and do we need to have a Body like Arnold Schwarzenegger & a Face and Tan like George Hamilton in later Years. Yes and No as the Body is designed to be Beautiful inside and out. We have over 2000 Muscles in our Body and it is Fine to Build it to show some of the 2000  Muscles in better Detail’s Work Outs are excellent for the Body and it takes many Years to Exercise the Right Way and Eat the right Foods with the right Nutrients like Protein to Build the Muscle.

You can go to the Gym and Work out with a Professional Who will Show You the Right Exercises and Weight Training & Diet so a Balance is Achieved in a Daily Routine. It is a Science and a Body Action to Turn the Fat into Muscle and Increase the Muscle Mass. A Tan is Good from the Sun is fine but to much Sun is not Healthy for the Skin. We must use Sun Block today or Sun Tan Lotion as it was called not that Long ago. There have been Improvements in Formulas and they are made much better with more Protection from the harmful Ultra-Violet or UV Rays from to much Sun.

The Skin gets Burned and Dried out and possible Cell Damage from to much Sun. Tanning Booths are popular in today’s Idea’s of getting a Tan if no Place to sit in the Sun is available if You Live in an Area with the Change in the Seasons. We Work or go to School and some of Us go to a Tanning Booth to get a Tan. We all have very Different Skin some Dry or Oily or a Combination of the two. Some of Us Tan very easily and others do not. A Skin Doctor should be seen and Discuss Your Skin type and if to much Sun or a Tanning Booth is Good for You or Not. Ultra Violet Rays are something we should know about and the effects on our Skin and Body. The Sun is a vital part of our Life as it gives us Nutrients and Warmth during the Day when it Shines from Morning to Sunset.

We must not look Directly into the Sun and it is Good to Wear Sunglasses all Year Round. Our Eyes are Sensitive and We can possibly do Damage to Them and to the rest of Our Body with over Exposure to the Sun. So it is a Good Idea to Limit Sun Exposure and use a High Numbered Sun Block at the Beach, Pool or Backyard. Protect Yourself and Your Body will Thank You Later or if Tanned a lot avoid the Sun and wait till the Sun Burn and Discomfort goes Away. We all have the Idea of What the Perfect Body is and some of us have it Hidden just in Front of You and not know it.

A Balanced Diet with some Added Supplements as Today a lot has to do with the Foods We Eat as some of it doesn’t Leave our Bodies like We Think. You can Over Weight and still be Healthy as some of the Issues can be Controlled by Medicines from Here in America and the much Older Asian, African and European Methods and Ideas that Deal more with Natures Cures from Tree, Flower and Plant Parts which are not known well here in America by the Food & Drug Administration or FDA.

So the Perfect Body can be Inside as Outside by Riding Us of Unwanted Toxin’s and Radicals Inside our Bodies. Build the Perfect Body that You want with Weights, Exercise and Diet Inside and You will Look Great Outside and Feel Great Inside and We all need to do this at different Levels as Our Goal is to Live Long as Possible. Our Diet is the Key to our Inside and a Little less of This and more of that can be so much more Beneficial than We Realize. We need to Feel Good Inside No Matter How we look Outside, so the Perfect Body may not be so Perfect as We want as Things can be Sometimes over done as some of Us want to Look Perfect. We must Feel Perfect Inside the Best Way You can Then Look the Best You Can. Live a Long Life.


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