Light the Source of Life for Indoors and Outdoors

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Light how important is it and can You Value it. You can’t because it is Pricless. It is just part of our everyday Lives. You have Man made Light and Natural Light. We need it to see during the Night when  we Walk or Drive.It Lights up our Homes, Work Places, Parks, Streets, Hall Ways, Stair Ways and all Places We go to during theDay and Night. Yes that Man Thomas Edison Invented the Light Buld as for Hundreds of Years We had the Candlewhich lasted for a while but as the Wax Melted Wick or Thin Rope that was Lit went out. We had Oil Lamps whichwere better than a Candle but as the Oil Burned up their was Nothing to keep the Flame going. We had Wood and that Burned Well and gave off some Light but it was not a Big Source of Light and was hard to Control as Things made of Wood Burned easily. So the Light Bulb was Discovered as an Electrical Current is a Piece of Metal thatConduct Electricity as Tiny Electrons move back and forth and make the Metal Glow. This Process was put to lots of Wires put together First to an Area to make it Run on Electricity as the First Thing to be Electric Powered was a Subway Station in New Yorl City.

It Ran on DC Current in which Electrons Run in One Direction but was Switched to AC Current where the Charged Particles or Electrons Run in both Directions as George Westinghouse made the AC system which Powers our Homes and Appliances and DC is in All Batteries and our Cars, Trucks and Trains Run on DC. We have Light Bulbs in our lamps and all our Devices in the Home to give us Light to See or Light up Things that have a Display. We have Chemicals that Light up like a Liquid Crystal Display in our Computer Monitors and Televisions. The best Source of Natural Light is our Sun that give us Roughly around 12 Hours of Light During the Day as the Earth Rotates all the Time We have Sunlight then it is Light in another part of the World. The Sun is made of Super Hot Gases that are Heated Hot enough to give off a Super Amount of Light for our Planet that Gives us the Daylight during the Day.

The Sun is Higher in the SkyDuring the Summer and Further Away from Us and the Oppostie During the Winter. We also have Lightning During a Storm of any Kind as Friction Builds from the Rain and Clouds and When enough Friction is generated a Bolt of Lightning of Tremendous Power is Produed and Strikes the Earth. We need to avoid Lightning by being Outdoors in the Open or by a Tree. A Bolt of Lightning is a Beautiful type of Light to See as it is Fast and it can Light up the Sky. We have Decorative Lights for Holidays around the World put in Windows, on Trees in any Location as We Celebrate with the Lights Turned on During the Night as the most Famous and best is the Celebration of Christmas as Trees of All Sizes are Decorated with Pretty Lights and other Festive Decorartions

We have Powders and Fuels in Things like Rockets and Fire Works that Light up as the Thing is Lit and a Reactionoccurs and the Engine Fires and this Causes Thrust or a Push Upwards to Lift it Towards the Sky. The Moon kind of Lights up at Night as it is the Sun that Lights it even though it is Night where we are and that gives You and Idea of How Powerful and Bright the Sun is. It would be Dark and Cold without the Sun and We would be very Cold and maybe Freeze with out it. So say Wow to Man Made Light and say Thank You for the Sun and the Life giving Light it gives Us and the most Valuable Light we have. Good Day Sunshine to All. 🙂


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