A Poem I Wrote. I Hope You Like

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I sit on a Log trying to Write a Blog for You to View. I am a Man from New York Who is mostly Good with a Fork.

I like to Type and I Like it when their is no Hype. But in New York I don’t have a Log to sit on and Type Away to Impress You Today.

I am in a Chair, Which is Fair and Comfy as I have no Log to Type this Blog. I use this Computer which I hope will be in the Future.

I type in the House, which is sometimes Quiet as a Mouse. I Press the Keys Which is not always a Breeze on my Keyboard as I Type the Letters in Which someday I will be Better.

It is 7:30 in the Evening and soon I will be Leaving to Eat some Dinner as I get Hungry as a Winner.

I will have a Meal that is a Good Deal because I have some Coke and that is no Joke as I Relax with something on the Table I am able to Enjoy.

I may have some Cheese to Please or something Hot and I will see What I Got. I Type this in Time to make it Rhyme in Time to give You some Delight Rather than some Freight.

We all need something to Read to make our Mind Free because after a Busy Day that should be the Way.So my Writing is not Fast like Lightening and it is not to Bold as I am Told.

I hope You like so I can Afford a Bike. No just a Joke as I think about My Coke. I am an Older Guy Who is Bolder Now than I use to be but nothing like a Flea.

This is my Blog and I hope I don’t Sound like a Frog but Fun like a Day in the Sun. This is my Poem for You which was a Joy to Write just as a New Toy I got when I was Young Boy some Time Ago.


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