Sense a Breakup before it’s too Late

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If you’ve ever had a love breakup, you would understand how painful it could be. A simple recollection of your past would get back to light so many new things you never observed before. If you can truly see what they mean, and if you can keep them in your mind for future, they would be a lot of help in your future relationships and might even help you to get back your lost one.

One sure sign of a collapsing relationship is the lack of physical contact. Though this does not necessarily mean sex, Lack of interest in sex can be taken as an indication. Quite at the same time it’s common in a relationship to go with so much sex at times and so less as well. That is natural in every relationship.

A sudden change in the behavior of your partner, especially in physical matters should ring a bell as this can be a symptom of coming breakup. For example, your partner stops holding your hand suddenly while they always did it before or suddenly stops reaching out for you once out of a bedroom while they were never that way before.

Getting too far from this, like feeling uncomfortable with your touch, may need your immediate attention. At times like that, a healthy conversation with your partner about what was going on could yield some good results. However, this is sensitive. Just that your lover repels your touch doesn’t yet mean that it’s leading to a breakup. Many things can actually influence a person into not wanting to be touched in a given situation.

There is a chance that the person was thinking about something seriously and your touch startled them. It is also possible that the person took it as a signal for sex and recoiled as they were not in a mood for it then. It generally happens when you are particularly affectionate at times of intimacy. So this doesn’t by any way bean you are heading towards a breakup.

It may be that the person isn’t well. You need to keep a close watch on such traits and figure out if they are occasional or permanent. If it’s an occasional behavior brought out at certain instances, that is different, and it doesn’t mean that a breakup is on its way. It’s not that every small change is going to get your skies falling, but a keen watch should be able to show a difference between a serious breakup issue and an occasional odd behavior.

Even catching your partner in lies can signal problems, especially when they are small and harmless. Evidently, what is the need for a lie when it’s not a big thing? Again this does not guarantee a coming breakup. A lie for a surprise party is worth it and doesn’t by any way signal a breakup. It can sometimes be a funny way to keep a little secret. However, in serious cases a small lie can lead to bigger and more serious ones.


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