How To Make A Traditional Spanish Tortilla

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SERVES 1 , 1 tortilla

2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup frozen spinach or 2 cups fresh spinach
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1 small potato, sliced (optional)
olive oil
salt and pepper


1.Whisk together eggs and milk very VERY well. These amounts can be easily increased- if you’re hungry enough, add an extra egg and an extra splash of milk.

2.Heat olive oil in an omelet or small frying pan over medium heat.

3.Optional: add potato slices to bottom of the skillet and let fry for 5 minutes, turning when bottom starts to brown.

4.Add the onion and let brown for about 1 minute. Add more olive oil if needed.

5.Add spinach to pan: if frozen, break up and let warm. If fresh, let wilt for a minute or so.

6.Whisk the eggs and milk a little more. This is key to having a fluffy tortilla! When your arm is getting sore, slowly pour the mixture into the pan. Tilt pan to coat sides well. KEEP THE HEAT AT MEDIUM for 5 minutes.

7.After 5 minutes, if your tortilla is still jiggly (liquidy) in the middle, reduce the heat and be sure to ‘unstick’ the sides from the pan with a spatula. Once you’re satisfied with the doneness of the eggs, remove from pan and devour with a small loaf of very crusty bread. Pretend you are in Spain. Mmmmm.”

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