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What gives you an edge above the rest in a world of a neck tight competition? Hey! Wait we aren’t talking business here, we are taking about just another social networking site. However, doesn’t it sound more like a platform to be used for branding your business and staying connected with people online and offline both so that when help is needed, we remain only a click away.

So again the question comes to our mind, how we get the magic wish to fulfill our dream of having a large number of followers, well then read on and find out how we can make it possible. The very first thing we must remember is to create an identity of our own, because that is what makes you different from the rest, you must work out real hard to put up on your profile, imagine the profile as your face for the world to see and make it look excellent in front of them that they get attracted to be your followers and start following you.

Secondly, what could be done is you could take few hours or say a day from your week timetable to just browse through the net and surf for the popular twitter users and try to adapt their way of twitting, this would really help in getting your profile witnessed two other users. Alternatively, you could also check out the site by the name of, which hoists the information of famous or the profiles which have the most number of followers.

You must always remember that getting addicted to twitting or tremendously going online and staying on the site and twitting others for a long duration of time won’t be of any help to you. Remember it’s not the frequency of the times you make it on the site, but the quality of the time spent to cause a change.

Treat your twitter site as just another website of yours so that the key point of focus would remain to get huge volumes of traffic in terms of users and viewers to check out your profile. This way can you ensure that you will eventually end up having more and more followers by the end of the month, it won’t be a days or twos job but would take weeks if not months.

Other small things which can do wonder to you are like adding a link to your twitter site about the information of places you go to or the type of work you do on a daily routine, getting pictures clicked and videos feed in can do wonders too. Cut copy paste links of your Twitter page on other social profiles you have been running on famous media net working sites like Orkut Facebook etc.

In the end, all we can say is you can try being a little slow and work on getting your followers by the usual method of making friends and getting to know your friend’s friends.


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