How to Make Money with Zazzle Stores

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Zazzle is a popular site that lets you create clothing, shoes, cards, posters, and other items with your own designs. But you can also make money just from being an affiliate and selling products from other stores.

Set up an account with Zazzle so that you will then be assigned with an affiliate id. Also get an account with a free link exchange such as Vinefire. If you have your own page or blog you can create a nice looking store. You can create more than one account with the same email address to have individual stores for specific products and the earnings from each will combine.

While you are logged into your Zazzle account, you can search products by type or specific name. When you select the product you want to sell, you are presented with a page that shows what it looks like, the price, options to customize the product (that can only be done by the customer). You will also see options to link by email, blog, Twitter etc.

You can create a panel to place on your site or get the link that will allow the panel to be viewed. On your My Zazzle page under Promotional tools you will see a link to create a Flash Panel. You can search products by just product or keyword, When your search is done, your panel is created. You can then give it a name and customize how it looks.

Choose the way that you want to link and when you do you will be presented with a separate window that provides your link. Use the link shortening service such as TinyUrl to shorten the link, then post your link on Vinefire, forums and your social networks and in your emails.

Get a Zazzle account (and see my store)

Sign up with Vinefire


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