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There are many articles in TRIOND/BUKISA about how to make money, how to write “killer” articles, and how to make a lot of money.

I have been writing only for the last few months, and I experimented with a couple of things, read a lot, and came up with the following simple rules about writing here.


  • Make some research before you write, to see what people want to read about.
  • Write about things that people would like to read in the future as well. If you write about today’s news, chances are nobody will care in a couple of months. If you write about holidays in Greece for example, every year people will look for holiday advice before summer. You may get not so many visitors at once, but you will have people reading your article 5 years from now.
  • Write about things you know and like. Do not get into things you do not know, because you are likely to make mistakes.
  • Write simple, straight to the point and add photos or graphs when appropriate.
  • Instead of a long article , write many smaller ones, or a series of articles.


  • Use tags. The more appropriate tags, the higher it will appear in similar listings
  • If you have a series of articles, once they are published, include the links to the others, by editing them.
  • Email the link of your article to your friends, and ask them to forward to their friends.
  • DO NOT SPAM people you do not know
  • Use social networking sites like FACEBOOK , and post the link of your article in your profile. Then join relevant groups and add the link to their walls. That is not spam since nobody will have to open the link unless they chose to.
  • Have your own website, and ad a list of your articles there or use one of the relevant widgets.

Whatever you do, respect others, and use viral marketing responsibly.


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