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Nowadays, network TV charge huge fees for us to be spectators to great sporting events or live concerts. There’s no such thing as free TV or is there? Here are some sites which you can use to capture live Sporting events as it happens! This new technology is called live internet TV. With Internet TV you could watch any form of entertainment for free through the internet!

First and foremost make sure that you have updated your browser to the latest in the market today. Also, it is better to have the latest plug-ins added to your PC as internet TV needs the most recent updates!

Justin.tv — This is by far the most popular Internet TV out there! Specializes on Sporting events though they have other categories you can submerge yourself in. Try it out! Registration is absolutely 100% Free! There are some bad links but overall the quality is really good and you get to have spontaneous live chats as well while on watching a game or two.

http://www.ustream.tv/ — Everything US! Which literally means any significant happenings in and around the US will be broadcast here live! Be it Concerts, sporting events, news, etc., Try this site out for free!

http://www.camstreams.com/ — All about webcams from across the globe plugged in to PC’s and broadcasts around the world! Try it! Totally free! It is also a great way to find friends and participate in online discussions through webcams.

Caution: Just remember to never pay for any site fees or registration fees. There are several sites for free and paying would be a waste of time and money! I have heard of several instances where a person registers for free then asked to upgrade. Don’t get fooled with this type of shinanigans!


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