Just Cause GTA on an island!

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Just Cause is an exciting action game for the Playstation 2 which is like another GTA based game and is developed by Eidos.  

In the game you are the excellent character Rico Rodriguez who is sent to San Esperito Island and your job is to get rid of the evil dictator called Salvador Mendoza which allows you to have some fun on the missions! 

There is also a massive free roaming element to this game as you can explore the massive island. I mean massive! You can take some nice cars from some of the civilians or parachute off a cliff! You can also fly helicopters, kill people, annoy the Agency and the police, and just have fun! I like the fact there are so many vehicles whether on car, in the air or even in the water on boat (yes there are boats!) In these vehicles Rico can also pull off some cool stunts like parachuting, hanging near the egde of a helicopter or jumping from car to car. He can even grapple cars! 
This game is really fun and you can play for lots of time. 

It is rated a 16+ and there is violence, drugs and a bit of sexually related stuff (but not that much) and some swearing so I would definitely not let anyone under the age of about 12 play this game! 

The graphics are quite good as the world looks fantastic and so do all the people. All the vehicles look good and I think the graphics are pretty good. 

Overall I would say this is a fun game for the PS2 and one I would recommend! 

The game is also available on other platforms like Xbox 360 and I think PC. 

It is probably quite cheap now and there is going to be a Just Cause 2 released in the near future! 

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