Perfect Gifts for Freshwater Fishermen

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The perfect gift for the freshwater fisherman in your home can be as simple as a filet knife, to a complicated GPS/depth finder/fish locator.  It really is true that the best place to fish is where the fish are, and being able to find the fish while in the boat out on the lake can be a major time saver.  More time for fishing, less time looking for fish, what more can a boat fisherman ask for?  Other than a better fishing boat, that is.

Perfect gifts for freshwater fishermen include, but in no way are limited to;

*    Rod and Reel.  If your fishernam has an older, or a very cheap rod and real, but is a real fishing enthusiast, then buying him a new rod and reel is a first-class gift.  A weighted combination rod and reel package, specific to his favorite species of fish, should be selected, and not a mix-and-match pair.  For the beginner, buy a package deal worth about $50, and for the established fisherman, expect to pay at least $300.

*    Different Fishing Gear.  If your favorite freshwater fisherman is a spin-cast fisherman, try buying him a fly fishing setup.  Include line and an assortment of flies, weights and leaders.  If he/she is a fly fisherman, buy them a spin-cast or spinning reel combo.

*    Fishing Vest.  No matter what type of gear, or what type of fish your fisherman prefers, a good fishing vest is a practical gift.  The more pockets the better, and there should be clasps on he zipper, or front, to attach gear to.  Vests that act as personal floatation devices (PFDs) are great gifts for boat fishermen who frequently forgo the safety vest.  Fishing vest/tackle box combinations are great multi-gifts that show your complete interest in his favourite hobby.

*    Tackle.  No fisherman ever has enough tackle.  Find out what his favourite sport fish is, and ask the retailer for new lures out this season for that particular fish species.  Weights of different size and style, hooks of different size and style, and fishing line that is transparent, tangle free and extra-strength are wonderfully houghtful gifts for the financially challenged.

*    New Fishing Boat.  If you are going to dream, dream big.  The boat should have a battery operated cooler and a live well.  

*    Boat Equipment.  Trolling motor, comfortable fishing seats, life vests, paddles, trolling equipment, and downriggers are great to go with a boat, or for a fisherman with a boat.  A boat cover or docking privileges will also be thoughtful gifts for freshwater fishermen who own boats.

*    Waders.  Waist or chest high waders, in neoprene, and rated for cold water are needed for most stream or river fishermen.  Make sure the size is slightly bigger than the fisherman.

*    Involvement.  Nothing says “I love you” quite like taking your beau on a fishing trip.  Plan a fishing trip for the two of you, or you family, to a serene and rather private lake that is well known for your husband’s (or boyfriend’s) favourite species of fish.

And remember, any gift related to freshwater fishing will be well recieved by any freshwater fisherman.  It shows that you know what he likes to do, and support it.

Fish on!


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